Supports and Financings

Austria offers foreign investors a broad-based support program: support for small and medium-sized companies, for research and development, for business establishment or investment and technology supports. The supports reaches from cash grants and interest subsidies to the take-over of guarantees. This extremely wide supply makes it possible for enterprises, to take up a support program orientated to their special needs.

EU main emphases in the enterprise support

The general EU prohibition for financial support to companies is relativized by special regulations. Under the following points of view direct support for companies are possible in the EU:

  • Support for research and development activity 
  • Strengthening of the competitivness of small and medium-sized companies
  • Improvement in the regional structure 
  • Support of the enviromental protection
  • Focus on education and further education or training 
  • Rehabiliations and restructuring measures 

There are four important main emphases for EU-support for investment projects in Austria of established companies:

  1. Regional support
  2. Small and middle companies
  3. Technology support
  4. Environmental support

(Source: ABA- Invest in Austria)