Signpost for your business location

  • We show you Salzburg.
    At the beginning of every investement we provide general briefing on the business location of Salzburg and include all important information, such as current economic data and the economic structure of Salzburg.
  • We promote your projects.
    In addition to advice on finding and selecting a suitable business location, we provide you with individualized packages based on your specific projects. The state and city of Salzburg‘s department of economic development and national funding offers financial support for a number of innovative projects and headquarter settlements. 
  • We provide advice on tax and financing issues.
    During the investment process, the issue of “taxes“ is of great importance. Our tax advisors can help professionally with tax concerns regarding Austrian tax law, existing double taxation agreements, as well as providing the most relevant legal forms for your company‘s establishment and possible investment benefits due Austrian tax law.
  • We open the door to Salzburg.
    We actively support you in all stages of company establishment by contacting authorities and the authorization process. Our broad network of partners from chambers, administrative authorities, financial institutions, insurance companies, etc. ensures you a fast and smooth start in Salzburg. 
  • We are always there for you.
    With active full service, we include individual support throughout the whole settlement process and thereafter. Let one of our investment-coaches “take you by the hand“ and guide you through the investment process!

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