Company establishment in Austria

As a future businessperson, we recommend that you clarify any important questions you may have on company information in advance. Including, for example:

  • Which legal form is the best for your company’s establishment?
  • How is the Austrian company and tax law regulated?
  • Which locational factors are important for my company?
  • Do I have to get registered in the Austrian company register? 
  • How and where do I find the right site?

The StandortAgentur Salzburg is your competent partner for company settlement and helps you with all your questions.  The agency’s team guides you through the whole investment process, establishes a new network, provides information in keeping up with requirements and is your “helping hand” with questions regarding authorities and approval procedures. Nowadays in our modern, globalized economy one factor is most important: fast and uncomplicated acting. Our agency prioritizes this philosophy– starting from our initial contact, to the company’s settlement and then to the after-sale-service.

The StandortAgentur Salzburg numerous services are FREE, which makes steps easier for companies in the establishment process.

In the following Online-brochure you find the first basic information about company establishment in Austria- ABA Starting Business in Austria