Living and leisure time in Salzburg

Not only businessmen and investors are seeking the best in Salzburg, but also expatriates feel comfortable quickly in their new home, because “living in Salzburg” means “living with a very high quality of life”:

  • a worldwide unique culture 
  • best culinary locations
  • extensive sports and leisure possibilities  
  • picturesque villages and towns in the middle of a paradisiacal nature landscape with crystal-clear lakes with drinking water quality 
  • And one of Europe’s safest countries

 Altogether, more than 5.000 km of fully developed cycle and mountain-bike ways, idyllic running and walking ways or Austria’s most beautiful golf courses, provide active relaxation after a long day of work. Those who just want to enjoy calmness and serenity and look for an escape from the active work hustle and bustle, enjoy Salzburg’s picturesque nature landscapes or can be pleased by one of the charming center cafés with coffee, tea and cake. Also night owls find innumerable possibilities of having fun. Salzburg’s night life is characterized by nightly strolling miles, trendy bars behind façades of time-honored community centers, cool clubs and comfortable pubs, as well as breweries with local flavor. Austria’s largest federal airport, the Salzburg Airport, is ideal for spontaneous short holidays or business trips to domestic and foreign destinations. The wide supply of national and international flight connections provides every year a stress-free and uncomplicated journey pleasure. Closer destinations can be easily  reached thanks to the supraregional rail and street traffic network by train, bus or car. 

The fact that Salzburg is often called a „metropolis in the small format” is not surprising to anybody. One should consider that the Salzburg festival city offers more than 4000 music and theater events from all sorts of genres within one year. Also, Salzburg’s museums and collections are very convincing due to their remarkable variety. 

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The most popular destinations of city and state of Salzburg are among other things:


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